ULA rallies in New Haven

Take action to stand with immigrants fighting deportations!

ULA is building a statewide Rapid Response Network, ready to take action in case of raids and detentions.  Many ULA members are fighting deportation cases, and volunteers can help.  No experience is necessary, and training will be provided.  Tell us how you can help out!


It's hard to imagine a more fundamental right than the right to be paid for your work.

Yet every day in Connecticut, employers break the law in restaurants, construction sites, cleaning, and other low-wage industries, where:
of workers are paid less than the minimum wage to which they are legally entitled
are denied the legally required overtime despite working more than 40 hours
face illegal retaliation — firing or threatening to call immigration — when they complain
of women restaurant workers experience sexual harassment

Without support, most workers put up with abuse.

Filing a complaint can get you fired.  It takes the court or Department of Labor months — often years — to recover your wages and damages, if they recover anything at all.

But by organizing together -- combining legal action with community support -- we can win dignity and fair wages.


Building grassroots immigrant power to win economic and racial justice

Winning wages & damages

for victims of slavery, wage theft, sexual harassment, and workplace injuries
Winning wages and compensation for sexual harassment and injuries
Suing ICE for the 2007 raids that violated civil rights in New Haven

Suing ICE for civil rights violations

and fighting back after the raids in New Haven in 2007

Passing the Double Damages bill

to increase penalties for wage theft
Passing the Double Damages bill to increase penalties on employers found guilty of wage theft
Providing sanctuary for Nury, Marco, and Nelson

Freeing kids and parents from ICE detention

and supporting them with a loving community

Stopping deportations

for people like Salma, allowed to re-open her case after a 4-day hunger strike
Salma hunger strike

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