Child migrants arriving in Connecticut: How you can help

"No Child Is Illegal" rally
“No Child Is Illegal” rally

Nine year old Selvin will never forget his journey across the border. Riding through Mexico on top of the notorious train, La Bestia, he saw people fall and get crushed. But when his mother told US immigration authorities about the violence that they had fled in Guatemala, the authorities agreed that they might be eligible for asylum. Released from a Texas detention center, they came to New Haven, Connecticut, where they had a friend. 

ULA currently is assisting about 30 Guatemalan children, adolescents, women and men who, like Selvin, recently have fled Guatemala and arrived in New Haven’s immigrant neighborhood. We are connecting them with legal services to make sure that they have a fair hearing in court; enrolling them in school; helping them get treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, malnourishment and other urgent health needs; and providing them with a supportive community.

So how can you help?


No matter what your skills and talents, there are many ways to contribute. We especially need volunteers to take these recent arrivals to appointments at immigration court, the Guatemalan consulate, health centers and more.

To sign up, email megan@ulanewhaven.org


Monetary donations are needed for legal and court fees; transportation to immigration, consular, and other appointments; meetings with policy makers and human services agencies; and weekly activities that help these immigrants heal and build power.

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Activists #shutdownICE at Boston Detention Center

Activists Shut Down ICE at Boston Detention Center
Activists at the April 17, 2014 action

UPDATE: 19 arrested.  Boston Globe coverage.

Protestors Shut Down Entrance to Suffolk Detention Center, Call on President Obama to Stop Deportations

This action includes activists from Unidad Latina en Accion, Amistad Catholic Worker, Migrant Justice, and other protestors from around New England. Click here for the Live Feed, or scroll down below.

More media coverage: CBS Boston, Free Speech Radio News, Northeast Public RadioWatch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

Boston, MA – Immigrant activists and religious leaders from Massachusetts, Connecticut and Vermont have formed a human chain at the entrance of the Suffolk Detention Center in Boston to demand action from President Obama to end the suffering caused by deportation. The prison at 20 Bradston Street has been the site of an immigrant prisoner hunger strike in October 2013 and is currently embroiled in lawsuits protesting indefinite detention.

Those risking arrest include many directly impacted by deportation, including Alejandro Gonzalez, an undocumented man from Connecticut. “I participate in this civil disobedience during Holy Week to let those in high positions in the government know that we reject the laws that criminalize our people, only for not having a piece of paper,” says Gonzalez. “Although I know I face being deported too, eleven million people need us to act.  For that reason, the word ‘fear’ is not in my vocabulary. On this holy day, we remember that we must make sacrifices to help our community.”  Read More…

Live Feed via National Day Laborer Organizing Network

Video streaming by NDLON


Student newspaper urges Yale to evict Gourmet Heaven

Yale Daily News has published a strongly worded editorial urging the university to evict Gourmet Heaven if the deli does not respond to new allegations of retaliatory firings and continuing wage theft. Here’s an excerpt:Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

The law, in this case, seems feebly equipped to protect the people that are most vulnerable. The only remaining path to justice is through direct action on the part of our University, which serves as both Gourmet Heaven’s landlord and clientele.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

First, University Properties should pressure Cho to ameliorate employee conditions with the threat of eviction. University Properties is complicit in mistreatment at Gourmet Heaven. It has only been willing thus far to issue a vague statement, promising that it “will not renew the lease of any tenant not in complete compliance with the labor laws.” But we cannot wait until July 2016, when Gourmet Heaven’s lease expires, to address these violations.

Administrators must ensure that the many allegations against Gourmet Heaven — including workplace intimidation, cash payments and deplorable housing conditions  — are fully investigated. And should any allegations be substantiated, University Properties has the legal basis, and the moral obligation, to terminate the lease immediately.

Second, we call for a continued protest and boycott of Gourmet Heaven, both to pressure Cho as well as University Properties. For students to boycott a business on Yale’s property sends a clear message to administrators that we believe something is wrong. And as Gourmet Heaven is our only late-night food option, the boycott sends a message directly to Cho: It’s not that we prefer a different sandwich, but that we will not stomach his unjust labor practices.

The approach we take toward Gourmet Heaven matters beyond this specific case. We have little power to change wage theft on a national level, but we can set the precedent that our community will not tolerate open allegations of worker abuse going unchecked. We do not know the scope of labor injustice in New Haven, or even within University-owned properties. But acting on this one case, we can establish how the University should act when allegations of worker mistreatment arise in the future.

Read the whole editorial on Yale Daily News


Jose Luis Piscil petitions DHS to expand DACA and suspend deportations

Luis at Yes You Can press conferenceToday ULA member Jose Luis Piscil joined a group of undocumented individuals to file a rule-making petition to the Department of Homeland Security. The “Si Se Puede (Yes You Can)” rule-making petition argues that DHS can and should alter its rules to expand the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program to the fullest extent possible and suspend deportations for undocumented workers, just as DHS did for undocumented childhood arrivals. The petition was drafted by the National Day Laborer Organizing Network and the Immigration Justice Clinic at Cardozo School of Law on behalf of Jose Luis and other undocumented immigrants in deportation proceedings.

Under the Administrative Procedures Act, members of the public are allowed to petition agencies for changes to existing rules. DHS must provide a response and explain its decision to grant or deny petitioners’ request.

During a press conference this morning at AFL-CIO headquarters in Washington DC, Thomas Chew of Cardozo Immigration Justice Clinic stated, “The Constitution gives the President unilateral power to determine when it is, and when it is not, in the national interest to initiate deportation proceedings. The only question that remains is whether this President will exercise his power to protect our nation’s immigrants and our nation’s economy from the devastation his immigration policies have wrought.”

LuisFamilyFor Jose Luis, a factory worker who has lived in New Haven for seven years, the petition is part of his urgent attempt to remain with his family, including his two US citizen children. He was apprehended by ICE in 2012 when police arrested him for a minor charge that was later dismissed.trailer movie Logan

“ICE put me in jail, not because of any criminal conviction, but because I had entered the country without papers,” says Jose Luis. “In jail, I thought about my wife, who was five months pregnant. I thought, ‘What if I never meet my son? What if my children grow up without their father?’” For about 80% of people in deportation proceedings from 2008 to the present, DHS initiated proceedings based on immigration violations, not criminal convictions, according to the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse.

NDLON Staff Attorney Jessica Karp says, “This petition gives DHS the opportunity to correct years of reckless enforcement and also grant relief to immigrant workers and families who the President and leaders on both sides of the aisle all agree belong here.”Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

Click here to stop Jose Luis’s deportation!

Click here to read the rule-making petition

and learn more about why Obama can and should use Executive authority to suspend deportations


6 things Obama can do to reduce deportations

During the State of the Union address, President Obama pledged to take executive action on just about every issue EXCEPT immigration. Here are six things that Obama can do — and he doesn’t need Congress — to rein in his massive deportation-military-prison-immigration system. Next week Jose Luis Piscil, a New Haven father and ULA member facing deportation, will join other people in his situation in Washington DC to deliver this list.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

From National Day Laborer Organizing NetworkNDLON exec action


ULA activists fined for civil disobedience

Gregory Williams and Jordan Scruggs of Yale Divinity School, Mark Colville of Amistad Catholic Worker, and Megan Fountain of ULA sentenced for civil disobedience
Gregory Williams and Jordan Scruggs of Yale Divinity School, Mark Colville of Amistad Catholic Worker, and Megan Fountain of ULA sentenced for civil disobedience

A federal magistrate judge has ruled that four ULA activists must pay a fine for blocking the entrance of Hartford Immigration Court on February 21, 2013 in a protest against the deportation of Jose Maria Islas.

At sentencing, the protesters made a motion to donate community service or funds to a local organization serving immigrants. The motion was denied.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

The protesters argued that if the judge was concerned about public safety, she should be concerned about the hundreds of migrants whose lives are extinguished because of brutal US immigration policies. Greg read aloud the names of all the migrants whose bodies have been found on the border this year.

Megan read aloud a letter written by Jose Maria, who was present in the courtroom. In July this year, he was released from prison and granted a one-year stay of deportation after a year-long protest movement by Unidad Latina en Accion.

Read the article in New Haven Register

ACTION ALERT: Tell Governor Malloy to welcome refugee children

Selvin, 9 years old, recently fled Guatemala and arrived in New Haven, Connecticut
Selvin, 9 years old, recently fled Guatemala and arrived in New Haven, Connecticut

July 24, 2013 — Please make a call to Governor Malloy’s office today! Your call sends a message that turning our backs to refugee children is not in accord with the values of the Connecticut community.

Call 888-473-7735 and let Governor Malloy know that just as our neighbor states we should be welcoming and find shelter for these children.

For more information on why it’s important to call Governor Malloy, check out the recent news articles at http://ulanewhaven.org/child-migrantsWatch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

Llame al Gobernador Malloy y déjele saber que darle la espalda a los niños refugiados está en conflicto con nuestros valores como estado. LLAMEN hoy al 888-473-7735 y dígale que tal y como nuestros estados vecinos Connecticut debería estar buscando alojamiento para estos niños. #niunamas

Connecticut Caravan to Protest Obama’s 2 Million Deportations

On April 5, 2014, Families fighting deportation traveled in a caravan to various towns across Connecticut in rallies demanding that President Obama stop deportations, end S-Comm, expand DACA, and stop separating families.

The caravan passed through eleven cities, including New Haven at 11:30 AM (details below)

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

7:00 am    Greenwich & Port Chester (Prayer vigil at train station at 3 Broad St, Port Chester, NY)

8:30 AM    Stamford (Government Center, 777 Washington Blvd)

9:00 AM    New London (St. Mary Star of the Sea Church, 10 Huntington St)streaming Why Him? 2016 film

9:30 AM    Norwalk (Exit 16, Rite Aid parking lot, 190 East Ave)

10:30 AM  East Haven (Town Hall parking lot, 250 Main Street)

10:30 AM  Bridgeport (Exit 27, Bluefish Arena parking lot, 500 Main Street)

11:30 AM   New Haven (Junta for Progressive Action, 169 Grand Ave.)

1:00 PM   Meriden (St. Rose of Lima, 35 Center Street)

1:00 PM   Willimantic, Manchester & Norwich (Kickoff at Joseph Square, Willimantic)

2:00 PM   New Britain (St. Marks Church, 147 W Main St.)

3:00 PM   Hartford (Federal Building, 450 Main Street. Followed by a gathering at Charter Oak Cultural Center.)

¡Todos a la calle! El 5 de abril en todos los Estados Unidos se escucharán las voces de una COMUNIDAD MIGRANTE, cansada de promesas incumplidas, de dolorosas deportaciones, de injusticias…TODOS a unirnos en este CLAMOR NACIONAL reclamandole al Presidente Obama NI UNA MAS DEPORTACION … ALTO AL PROGRAMA DE COMUNIDADES SEGURAS … ACCION DIFERIDA — DACA — PARA TODOS. La CARAVANA de la SOLIDARIDAD y la ESPERANZA recorrerá varias Ciudades del Estado de Connecticut el 5 de abril. Organize a tu comunidad. Unese a la caravana. Pronto anuciaremos el horario de la caravana.


Stamford (Luis Yumbla 203-667-3799)
New London (Lizbeth Polo 860-204-6813)
Bridgeport (Jose Casco 917-509-7238)
East Haven (Herman 203-843-0347)
New Haven (John Lugo 203-606-3484)
Meriden (Alejandro Gonzalez 203-464-3905)
Willimantic (Juan Salas 860-465-9828)
New Britain (Grace Montesi 860-986-3789)
Hartford (Alok Bhatt 860-324-0086)

March 22: Olmeca in concert: HIPHOP / CULTURA / MOVEMENT

Olmeca en New Haven Olmeca is a hip hop artist, activist and educator on the front lines of indigenous and immigrant struggle across Latino America. His music and activism are informed by the poverty, violence, and despair, as well as the beautiful work ethic and daily life of the working class Los Angeles and Mexican neighborhoods where he grew up. Olmeca has garnered attention in the Latin Alternative music scene for pioneering bilingual hip hop, and for his lyrical poetry and unique mix of musical styles and rhythms from Latino America and the “golden age” of hip hop. Olmeca es un músico, activista y educador, que participa activamente en el movimiento inmigrante, ademas de otras luchas como los indigenas, estudiantes y trabajadores. Como muchas familias migrantes, la familia de Olmeca por falta de recursos se mudó a diferentes barrios de Los Ángeles y México. La pobreza, violencia, desesperación, al igual que el bello esfuerzo del trabajo y la vida cotidiana en los barrios, forman parte de la perspectiva de Olmeca. Su música bilingüe, influenciada por la “era de oro” de hip-hop y la música ecléctica de latinoamérica, sobrepasa demográfias musicales y culturales, y le ha ganado el respeto de sus contemporáneos en la música alternativa latinoamericana.

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

En esta fiesta, estamos recogiendo fondos para la lucha de ULA para Ni Una Más Deportación /// This party helps us raise funds for ULA’s NOT1MORE deportation struggle!

Feb. 26: Press Conference: Police arrest Gourmet Heaven owner for wage theft


Speakers will include:Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

Deli owner busted in labor fight

  • Chief of the New Haven Police Department
  • Jorge Perez, President of the Board of Alders
  • Connecticut Department of Labor
  • Julio Olivar, former Gourmet Heaven worker
  • Unidad Latina en Accion

Some news outlets have already broken the news (read it on the front page of the New Haven Register), but it’s important to show up to this press conference. This is the first time in ULA’s ten-year history that the police and Board of Alders are speaking publicly — and taking action — on wage theft.

Arrive 15 minutes early so that you have time to get inside and up to the 3rd floor!