Child migrants arriving in Connecticut: How you can help

"No Child Is Illegal" rally
“No Child Is Illegal” rally

Nine year old Selvin will never forget his journey across the border. Riding through Mexico on top of the notorious train, La Bestia, he saw people fall and get crushed. But when his mother told US immigration authorities about the violence that they had fled in Guatemala, the authorities agreed that they might be eligible for asylum. Released from a Texas detention center, they came to New Haven, Connecticut, where they had a friend. 

ULA currently is assisting about 30 Guatemalan children, adolescents, women and men who, like Selvin, recently have fled Guatemala and arrived in New Haven’s immigrant neighborhood. We are connecting them with legal services to make sure that they have a fair hearing in court; enrolling them in school; helping them get treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, malnourishment and other urgent health needs; and providing them with a supportive community.

So how can you help?


No matter what your skills and talents, there are many ways to contribute. We especially need volunteers to take these recent arrivals to appointments at immigration court, the Guatemalan consulate, health centers and more.

To sign up, email


Monetary donations are needed for legal and court fees; transportation to immigration, consular, and other appointments; meetings with policy makers and human services agencies; and weekly activities that help these immigrants heal and build power.

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[su_spoiler title=”Call Governor Malloy” style=”fancy”]Call 888-473-7735 and let Governor Malloy know that it is unacceptable for Connecticut to turn away refugee children who are fleeing violence. Every call makes a difference![/su_spoiler]

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