Support the reforestation project “Rescatemos la Malinche”

The Malinche mountain is not for sale!  It is loved and it is defended!

iLa malinche no se vende, se ama y se defiende!

New Haven’s “sister city” in Mexico needs our help to reforest the Malinche national forest, which has been imperiled by climate change and illegal logging.  Twelve indigenous communities have united under the coalition Rescatemos la Malinche to protect the forest and demand action from the Mexican government. They have won the right to reforest the land, but they are doing it without any funds.  Their family members in Connecticut are raising funds to support this grassroots reforestation project.

Due to climate change and human activity, the population of the bark-cutting beetle (escarabajo descortezador) has increased and is killing the native ocote trees. This beetle has always inhabited the forest and regulated the ecosystem, but now climate change requires action to save the forest and fortify the trees from beetle damage. Groups of volunteers are gathering weekly to plant the trees, treat them, and collect trash and recyclable bottles in the forest, which they sell to raise money for the necessary supplies.  They are funding this program out of their own pockets, and they need your support!

  • Your donation will: 
    • Buy and transport ocote trees
    • Purchase gel to keep the trees moist, which naturally makes them more resistant to the beetle
    • Buy shovels and supplies  

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Pedro at the National Day of Mourning (Thanksgiving day) in Plymouth, Massachusetts