“Family, activists hope to stop deportation of New Haven man”

By Mary O’Leary, New Haven Register, November 7, 2017

NEW HAVEN — Kelly Pinos, 15, cried when she started to talk about her father.

The Wilbur Cross High School sophomore is worried what will happen to her family if Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials deport Nelson Pinos Gonzalez to Ecuador by the end of month.

Nelson Pinos is the sole support of his partner for the past 17 years and their three U.S. citizen children, all of whom live in New Haven, according to his attorney Yazmin Rodriguez. She said the children’s mother provides full-time child care and does not work outside the home.

“If my father leaves, everything will be so different. My mom does not work. How is she going to take care of three kids by hersef?,” Kelly asked, as she stood outside Immigration Court in Hartford Monday morning with a group of activists who came to show their support.

“We also need a father’s view on life. It can’t just be a mother. I love my father with all my heart. I have a 5-year-old brother who has no idea what is going on. My brother still has so many years to grow up with my dad. … I beg immigration to let him stay … He has never done anything wrong,” Kelly said. “His home is here with us”…

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