Sign up for Occupy Yale actions

It begins December 10

All year, we have been mobilizing to demand that the Governor provide essential workers with the COVID relief that we deserve. Undocumented workers are on the putting our lives on the line, but we are excluded from unemployment benefits and federal COVID relief, despite the fact that we pay $400 million in state and local taxes every year.

In New Haven, one of the richest universities in the world does not pay its fair share of taxes, and every year, the workers, the renters, and the homeowners have to pay more taxes to subsidize Yale’s tax breaks.

With jobs scarce, many people on the brink of losing their homes, and hunger rampant, the City of New Haven is facing a deficit of $13 million, while Yale University banked a surplus of $203 million this fiscal year.

From the grassroots, we will raise our voices and demand that Yale pay the historic debt it owes to the people of this city.  It begins with a march and caravan on December 10 at 4:00 pm. Sign up here.