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Help immigrants fight their cases and win justice

Fighting a deportation case is a lot of work, and getting a lawyer is not enough.  Families need help gathering evidence, raising funds, getting to court, recruiting politicians to fight for them, and more.  The best way to begin is by accompanying immigrants to their court hearings. Spanish is not necessary, but if you are bilingual, you can help with translation and interpretation.  Let us know if you have other skills to share!

Join the Rapid Response Network in Connecticut

With the government threatening deportation raids, ULA is operating a 24-hour hotline and coordinating with groups across Connecticut to mobilize in the event of raids and detentions. Please indicate your town or city. Rapid Response means that you are ready to rally immediately during and after immigration raids.

Please note that ULA may share your info with whichever group is coordinating Rapid Response in your region. (Groups include: Hartford Deportation Defense, CT Students for a Dream, Make the Road CT, religious congregations across the state.)